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Working in the New Administration (R or D)

We had a great turnout at last week’s program with Dean Edley and Maria Echaveste on how to land a job in the next administration. 

Click here for a recent article on the transition process. 

We also wanted to provide you with links to information on both the White House Fellows Program (Feb 9th deadline for 3L students) and the White House Summer Internship Program.  (The deadline for the Summer 2009 program has not yet been established; however, the deadline for the 2008 summer internship program was Feb. 26th). 

Please feel free to contact Eric Stern in our office for questions on careers in government, public policy and advocacy organizations.

In case you weren’t able to make it to the program with Dean Edley and Maria Echaveste, a webcast is available on the CDO’s Guides and Webcasts page (click on “Other Resources” then “Guides and Webcasts” — it’s entitled, appropriately enough, “How To Get A Job in the Next Administration.”)   

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