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HRC seeks summer GSR, El Salvador

The Human Rights Center seeks a Graduate Student Researcher to help (10 hrs/week) with the funded project “Building Justice in El Salvador: Expanding Forensic Analysis for the Identification of Disappeared Persons.” The project is an ongoing 6-year collaboration between the Human Rights Center and the NGO Pro Búsqueda Association for the Search of the Missing Children of El Salvador

The candidate should have a working knowledge of Spanish (written translation of
Spanish into English), suitable computer skills with the MS suite of applications and a creative disposition to contribute to the development of Internet-based strategies to locate children, now young adults, separated from their families during the civil war in El Salvador (1980-1992) and since adopted in the United States and Europe. The individual will report to project director who is a forensic geneticist with experience in DNA-based kinship analysis.

Please send a CV and letter or email to Cristian Orrego at Please copy Program Administrator Alexey Berlind (

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