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Call for Editors

The journal qui parle is looking for new editors.

If you are a graduate student interested in interdisciplinary thinking, soliciting and editing first-rate articles, and working collaboratively with academics and graduate students in an intellectual environment, this is your chance to join the board of qui parle and shape future scholarship!

An interdisciplinary humanities and social science journal, qui parle was founded at UC Berkeley in 1986. The journal is committed to expanding its horizons as a site of critique and productive theorization in the human sciences broadly defined. In addition to the journal’s continued commitment to arts, literature, and philosophy, it aims at bringing new vantage points to questions that have also become more exigent within those disciplinary formations. In particular the journal looks to explore questions, of cultural alterity, media and modernity, decolonization, theories of subjectivity, urban formations, international political violence, the philosophy and anthropology of science, the practice of critical theory in contexts other than Europe and Anglo-America, and the study of secularity and religion.

The editorial board is comprised of UC Berkeley graduate students. The journal is published twice a year, by Nebraska University Press, and mainly sponsored by the Townsend Center for Humanities. It is also available on Project Muse and JSTOR.

Editorial duties include: working directly with noted thinkers and authors to solicit, review and edit articles, and attendance at weekly board meetings. Members of the board should plan to contribute several hours per week for the journal.

We encourage prospective applicants to visit our website:

The last day to submit applications is November 20 at 11:59pm. Applications should be sent to:

Applications should include:

1. A short CV (or a brief resume of work experience and background).

2. A short cover letter of 1-2 pages specifying the applicant’s interests and background, the reasons for her/his desire to join the board of qui parle, and possible contributions or ideas she or he has for the journal.

3. A recent writing sample (within the past year or so) of 10-15 double-spaced pages; this may be a selection from a seminar paper, published piece, book review, or other academic writing. It should give the board a sense of your writing and editing skills, and may also serve as an opportunity to showcase for us the thinkers, ideas, and projects that animate your work.

Personal interviews will be set for Early December.

Thank you very much for your interest; qui parle looks forward to meeting you! Please write to us if you have any questions about the application process.

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